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The Atelier

As of the name, Design Identity – serve as a one stop centre in providing new homeowner a new home with its own identity with your beloved ones.

The Designers

Led by Sean & Justina. our experienced team of talented interior designers provide a personalised design service to create detail driven. Professional interiors that perfectly suit their context. the client's needs and will stand the test of time and that encompass comfort. sophistication and practicality.

In order for a project to be successful you need to find a team who you click with and whose body of work is a reflection of your own personal style. We take great pride in offering a very friendly and approachable interior design service. As a multidisciplinary team consisting of experienced and talented designers, we provide a comprehensive service that allows us to undertake and seamlessly deliver on some of the most ambitious and prestigious design projects around the world. Our carefully assembled team of contractors, suppliers and artisans have been personally chosen by Sean & Justina to ensure they are adept at carrying out our designs to our same exacting levels of precision, quality and care.


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